Which one makes you feel yummy?

 Super cool dandelion #what makes me feel yummy

Super cool dandelion #what makes me feel yummy

When I create, whether it's a photo or graphics or a layout or arrangement or product or see someone else's work; sometimes I just get this sweet feeling in my tummy-

it's called YUMMY.

I would love your feedback on what makes you feel yummy!  First off, let's start here with this site.  Does anything here make you feel yummy?

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We will expand and share and build upon yummy.  NO FOOD!  ( and no sex! )

I will start, and I am headed into the past here with an obvious one!  Oh shit, I can't find it!  It was in the first catalogue that I had printed on glassine paper around 08?  It was a photo of the yin yang arrangements.  Man they were yummy!  ok ok... another yummy....

got it!