Which one makes you feel yummy?

 Super cool dandelion #what makes me feel yummy

Super cool dandelion #what makes me feel yummy

When I create, whether it's a photo or graphics or a layout or arrangement or product or see someone else's work; sometimes I just get this sweet feeling in my tummy-

it's called YUMMY.

I would love your feedback on what makes you feel yummy!  First off, let's start here with this site.  Does anything here make you feel yummy?

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We will expand and share and build upon yummy.  NO FOOD!  ( and no sex! )

I will start, and I am headed into the past here with an obvious one!  Oh shit, I can't find it!  It was in the first catalogue that I had printed on glassine paper around 08?  It was a photo of the yin yang arrangements.  Man they were yummy!  ok ok... another yummy....

got it!

Photo Transfers Onto Canvas, an exploration of surface

Loving the abstraction of images towards a more dreamy quality I ended up playing with my images as "transfers" vs simply prints.  To remove even more of their realism I decided to transfer them onto canvas!  Some people are fooled and they think they are paintings and that I am a very talented painter!  Not so, just a very talented conceptualizer. It has now become a somewhat endless exploration.  

To start with I took my images of those incredible succulents into photoshop and played and played.  I really got excited with the results, especially turning them black and white with just a hint of color.  What I ended up with are shown here.  YUMMY! 

To purchase these and other gorgeous canvases go here: 


( ie: The Kin of All Things Abigail ) 

Exposing Herself- introduction

Exposing Herself is all about a road trip that I took in the summer of 2008.  I put a sign up on my business that said "closed for August, just like they do in France" and off I went in my little silver bullet van for one whole month.

I know it is hard to believe but I love the prairie landscape.  Many people will roll their eyes at this, especially when they have grown up in the mountains.  For me, however the prairies are ripe and rich, full of visions that inspire sudden and bursting oooohs and aaaahs- so much so that if I am travelling with someone they will get accustomed to my outbursts instead of their stomach doing flips thinking that I am warning them of something.

This trip, then, was off to the prairies, all by myself, which as you have heard can be exciting enough.  

The book, that I hope all of this blogging will achieve is a collection of writings and photos of that month away.  Exposing Herself is the title which suits a few meanings- One, the prairies themselves are very prone to making one feel exposed and two, travelling alone as a woman is a kind of exposure to many feelings and opinions and fears and experiences.... 


Enjoy my ramblings, please. 

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