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I am beginning my 3rd life. ( I hope to have at least 9 )…

This third life began when I sold my former business of 7 years: kermodi living art.  Founding that business and sticking with it offered so many blessings and lessons.  It truly was the container in which I blossomed into a confident creator and artist, not to mention all the other hats one gets to wear .

Before that, well, for many years I was a model ( modelle I like to say with a french accent ).

That first life I almost forget about, now that I don't have my fame-oriented aunt around to ask me about it.  It is sooo not me anymore. I figure there's a tie-in from the first to the second, in that I once had to package myself, and later I packaged plants and a corporate identity.  Yes, I did get to travel the world  ( how glamorous; not really ). Even during that earlier life I was ALWAYS seeing cool products in the marketplaces of Japan, Paris and New York and hatching schemes on importing one product or another into Canada. Inevitably these products ended up here, but usually 4 or 7 years later! Alas, I was ahead of my time, but I did not have the confidence, or the business accumen, or the guts to go for it.

The beginnings of kermodi started with me messing around with moss.  I made these really cool minimalist moss gardens on my hobby farm out in the valley.  I tested them, then sold them into the big city.  As a joke I said to one of my buyers, only if I'm broke will I be forced into doing this.  Guess what, broke happened.  Kermodi started full time- at least that is the simple, well told story version.  In reality I was dibble dabbling in quite a few artistic projects but kermodi won out for the full time gig.  I am very happy in hindsight that it did.   So, thank you to kermodi- you were great and you achieved your purpose.

Back to the present moment, a short ways into my 3rd life.  Not sure yet what this one is all about ( stay tuned ) however I do know the gist, or at least what I want.  This life contains peace and well being no matter what; brazen, bold and self-defining, self exploration from inside to out, free flowing creation and self permission- ME!  ME!  ME!

I invite you to share with me this great life,  "all things abigail".